Game Design & Development 101

AGES: 13-17

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner - Intermediate

PATH: Game Dev & Design 


TOOLS: Autodesk Maya, Unreal Engine 4

Course Description

Get an in-depth look at professional video game design using some of the industry’s hottest tools. Start the week by learning how to create 3D objects in Maya and design levels in Unreal Engine 4, then combine your new skills to create a fully realized world. Import your Maya models into Unreal, then customize your world and add in unique coded elements with UE4's Blueprints Visual Scripting system. Leave this comprehensive course with your own professionally designed level to showcase in your portfolio.

In this course, your student will:

  • Build levels and environments from meshes and geometry

  • Create and implement custom textures

  • Enhance gameplay with blueprints and visual scripting

  • Develop essential game design skills and creativity

Your student will take home:

  • Project files

  • Tech diploma

  • Course transcripts

  • Free t-shirt, water bottle, and USB drive

This course is perfect for students wanting a future in Game Development or Design.

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